Safe Inside (2017)
7:00pm 7:00pm

Safe Inside (2017)

Unrated but if it were it would be 'R'.  One hot summer night, JJ Tyler thinks he's spending the night alone in his suicidal mother's home. He's wrong.

Come meet director and writer Jason Paul Collum!

Doors 6:30, FREE admission!  As always, concessions are cash only.

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Arete Film Festival

The student project of Grahm from the Arete academy at Neenah High School, Arete Film Fest is a film festival of international and local short films. They will be presented in two blocks with a dinner break between the two. Though the films haven't been offically rated, since this is a student project Grahm has worked pretty hard to make sure they're approximately PG-13. The cost for the whole day is $7, and the Time is cash-only for tickets and concessions. Bring the film lover in your family!

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